When A Comics Pirate Is Really Silly

When A Comics Pirate Is Really Silly

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Here’s an e-mail that a Bleeding Cool reader recently received;

Subject: Comic E-Book Subscription Service

‘Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am now running an electronic comic book subscription service.  What it means is this.  You can place a subscription and receive on a montly basic every comic book that hit hit the stands that month.  Details as follows:

Every comic book released by DC in any given month – £10
Every comic book released by Marvel in any given month – £10
Every comic book released by Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, IDW etc – £10

I also do a 3 for the price of 2 subscription where you get all of the above for £20

If anyone is interested drop me a line.  I’m currently offering the following as an incentive.

DC catch-up set – £5 (basically every issue released as part of the DC New 52 event so far)
Marvel catch-up set – £5 (this encompasses the last 2 issues of every Marvel title released…so that’s every Marvel comic released in September and October)
Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, IDW etc catch-up set – £5 (the last two month’s worth of titles released DH, Image, Dynamite, IDW and others)

Discs will be sent out every four weeks upon payment of that month’s subscription.  If paying for three month’s subscription in advance something extra will be thrown in free of charge as an expression of my appreciation.

If anyone is interested…let me know.

Kind Regards,


That would be one Stephen Chandler of Glasgow, G33 1RG, according to his eBay tag – which is how he sourced e-mail addresses.

That’s one comic book pirate who is…

…totally at sea.

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