Amazon Glitch: X-Men Schism And Fear Itself Hardcovers

Posted by October 31, 2011 Comment

Okay, so it’s not a glitch. Then again, the Swipe File isn’t all about swipes. A rose by any other name would still have been played by Billie Piper.

But following a pattern now, massive X-Men hardcovers are being cut to ribbons pricewise online before they have even reached the shops, often at a price, especially considering freight and shipping, that the rtailers cannot themselves get from their distributor.

Such as X-Men Schism hardcover, taking in X-Men: Schism 1-5; Generation Hope 10-11; X-Men: Choosing Sides 1; X-Men: Regenesis 1 at 222 pages for $13, as opposed to $25.

Equally the Fear Itself hardcover, comrised of Fear Itself 1-7; Prologue: The Mighty Thor 7 at 240 pages,  is down from $35 to $18.22.

And looks like ther’s more to come…

(Last Updated November 1, 2011 5:05 am )

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