Nine Good Reasons To Be Excited About The New Blue Velvet Blu-Ray

I have regularly called Blue Velvet the best American film of the 1980s and as goofy a statement as that is, really, it certainly does seem to be true.

On November 8th, the film will be issued on Blu-ray in the US. Amongst the special features will be the old Mysteries of Love documentary from the DVD special edition, Siskel & Ebert At The Movies on the subject of the film, a minute and a half of outtakes and, most excitingly, a full 50 minutes of deleted scenes, remastered and presented in full 1080p.

They haven’t been edited into the film for two good reasons: Lynch prefers the film without them; and they won’t seamlessly fit, with some bridging material either non-existent or, as yet, still lost. But the scenes are all on the disc, and can finally be seen and appreciated by the film’s multitude of fans.

So, here are nine good reasons to be excited, each of them a screen capture from these deleted sequences.


Thanks to Welcome to Twin Peaks for the images.