Women Of Wonder Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Women Of Wonder Weekend Starts Tomorrow

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Chris Troy writes for Bleeding Cool

One thing I love about the nerd community/internet is that despite the snarky tweets and angry message board posts, we take care of each other in times of need. Penny Arcade’s annual Child Play charity drive has been a success for years, raising money to help put video game consoles and toys in the children’s wards of dozens of hospitals. Many Japanese video game developers/publishers like Capcom, SEGA & Atlus offered their products at incredibly low prices in order to raise money for Earthquake relief efforts earlier this year. Even NFL football blog Kissing Suzy Kolber has it’s annual charity drive, which money is given towards the Wounded Warrior Project at the expense of Matt Ufford’s pride, the sites co-founder. And of course, there’s the recent tale of Super-fan Mike Meyer, who was shown charity when his stolen Superman collection was replaced by fellow collectors, and then given away to various charities once it was returned.

With that being said, I’m using this time to plug this upcoming weekend’s Women of Wonder Day (or Weekend, depending on the comic shop). Originally Wonder Woman Day, this annual comic-book shop supported charity was started to help raise money for women and children’s domestic violence shelters.

The 3 shops supporting the cause are “Heroes and Fantasies” in San Antonio, Texas,
“Excalibur Comics” in Portland, Oregon, and Comic Fusion in New Jeresy, where I’ll be swinging by to cover the story for BC, providing NJ Transit can be trusted (Protip: Never trust NJT). Aside from a ton of signed memorable and sketches being bidded in-store and online, the stores will host cosplayers, and industry guests like Ben Dunn, Nick Pitarra, Kelly Sue Donnick, Jamal Igle & Neil Vokes. I encourage any and all Lil’ Bleeders to show up and support these shops, or place bids online to not only help a great cause, but to dismiss rumors that we’re all a bunch of selfish basement dwelling neck-beards. Obviously the former more so than the later, and yes I understand this is a rough time of year for many of us, especially those who were at NYCC and went past their allowed budget….again.

I’ve included the press releases each respected shop has released and more information can be found here.

Chris Troy can be yelled at over at @anarchris on twitter. Funfact: He couldn’t grow a beard to save his life, neck-type or Alan Moore-esque.

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