Kick Ass Sequel "About To Be Announced" - And More From Millarworld

Kick Ass Sequel “About To Be Announced” – And More From Millarworld

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It looks awfully like a reporter running something that was supposed to be off the record, but take a look at these fragments:

Mark [Millar] also has his sights on breaking onto our TV screens for the first time with the launch of his company Millarworld Productions.

Mark — who has just been given the green light on SIX new Hollywood movies — says: “It would be easy for me to take off and just set up base in Los Angeles.

Mark’s sequel to 2010’s Kick-Ass is about to be announced and Top Gun director Tony Scott will make Nemesis – about a criminal mastermind who wreaks havoc on police chiefs around the world — which Millar released as a graphic novel last year.

The other four films, incidentally, are Supercrooks, War Heroes, Wanted 2 and The Secret Service (all of which we’ve covered already). But there’s a seventh film being talked about, and it’s this one that provides the focus for today’s Millar profile in The Scottish Sun, the source of all of these bits and pieces.

According to Mark, an adaptation of his American Jesus comics is to be the first film from Millarworld Productions. Because that’s a thing now, Millarworld Productions.

So… what happened to Miracle Park, the last first film to be made on Mark’s dollar? We’d heard a rumour that it had been abandoned part way through production but didn’t believe it. Now, though… now there would seem to be some doubt that we’ll ever see it. A real shame. I was genuinely looking forward to that one.

Millar says that he’s also looking at some TV production too. The article says that he’s “in advanced talks to launch a series of projects” for the gogglebox.

So, Kick-Ass 2 is about to be announced. Thought so. Stay tuned for more…

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