Tuesday Night Rushes - Elvis, Nixon, Hugo, ScarJo, Tintin, Paranorman And Chuck

Tuesday Night Rushes – Elvis, Nixon, Hugo, ScarJo, Tintin, Paranorman And Chuck

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Katheryn Winnick, the go-to actress for any role involving a pleasingly-shaped female, has been added to the cast of Roman Coppola’s Inside The Mind Of Charlie Swan III as a pleasingly-shaped female. [Variety]

Karl Urban and Ben Barnes have been cast in Overdrive, which is unfortunately not a sequel to Nicolas Winding-Refn’s Drive. Apparently screenwriters Derek Haas and Michael Brandt wrote the script after visiting Marseilles and deciding that it was beautiful city that would benefit greatly from the addition of shoot-outs, explosions and car chases. [Heat Vision]

Alice Cooper is going to be playing himself in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Dark Shadows. This will undoubtedly lead to a pale-off between Cooper and Johnny Depp, and I wouldn’t want to be around when the panstick starts flying. [Hero Complex]

A new poster for Chris Butler’s stop motion movie ParaNorman has been released, and shows the hero getting his face burnt off by nuclear radiation. Or something. [Yahoo]

Stand-up comedian Johnny Pemberton has been cast in Neighbourhood Watch. No, I don’t have any idea who he is either, but from my extensive research I have discovered that he is a stand-up comedian called Johnny Pemberton. [Variety]

As soon as Peter Jackson finishes up with The Hobbit he’s going to go straight on to directing Tintin 2. But according to Spielberg, they haven’t yet discussed who will direct Tintin 3. Tintin 4, however, will be directed by Uwe Boll and he’ll cut panels from the comics into the film at random points to remind everyone that it’s an adaptation. [THR]

Around the one minute mark of watching this video you will find that you have become criminally insane. If you were already criminally insane you’ll probably just smell burning toast. [Next Movie]

Twentieth Century Fox has bought Dana Fox’s screenplay Ben Fox Is My Manny. This news confuses me. [The Wrap]

The Rock has posted a video of an epic action scene on the set of G.I. Joe: Retalliation. Unfortunately The Rock’s not that hot a director so the camera was pointing the wrong way, at some cocky bald guy. [The Rock’s Tout]

Leonardo DiCaprio has run out of room under his mattress and has started throwing money at social media platforms. Mobli is an app available for smart phones that allows you to “see through other people’s eyes”. Hell, I have enough trouble seeing out of my own. [Mobli]

Tobey Maguire has been spotted on the set of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. He is wearing appropriate clothing for the period setting of the film, yet still somehow manages to look like an unmitigated dork. [Celebuzz]

And speaking of set photos, here’s Chuck Norris and Friends in a snap from the set of The Expendables 2. As you can see, they’re standing in front of some student accommodation. [Worst Previews]

Eric Bana has been cast as Elvis Presley in Cary Elwes’ directorial debut Elvis And Nixon. I’d be more inclined to watch it if they changed the title to Elvis Versus Nixon and tinkered with history a bit to make it more exciting. [THR]

Bob Weide, director of Curb Your Enthusiasm, is making a documentary about Woody Allen. Will the world be able to handle the extreme levels of social awkwardness and neuroticism? [Collider]

A new trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo has arrived. Prepare your umbrellas for an incoming shower of whimsy.


Philip Noyce has been tapped to helm The Arrangement, a film about a woman who agrees to spend three days with a wealthy man in exchange for loan. To any guys who might be reading this, I’d be happy to make an arrangement like this myself. My interest rates are sky-high, though, and the contract contains some mighty fine fine print. [Variety]

A new trailer for biblical end-of-the-world-including-the-broadband-service-as-we-know it movie 11-11-11 has appeared online. Demons, hellfire, dark omens … you know the score. We don’t yet know what the release date for the film will be, though.

Director David Alcade is remaking French home invasion horror Them, a movie that taught us all that a) children are naturally evil and b) they should be kept in cages deep underground until they’re done with puberty. [Variety]

Here’s a new poster for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Either the producers made a last-minute decision to produce the film as a motion-capture animation or this poster was the victim of some overly enthusiastic airbrushing.

Ben Affleck will be directing and starring in a biopic of the Bulger Brothers, Whitey and Bill, and has cast his brother Casey Affleck to play Bill, the younger one, “The Corrupt Midget”. A stretch? Matt Damon also has a role in the film so here’s to hoping we can even tell the characters apart. [Showbiz 411]

Some French people made a French film and some French guy is going to be in it. Whatever. [Judaicine]

Brendon’s note: What Hannah meant to say was that Gad Elmalah is going to be in Costa Gavras’ film Capital, a financial thriller based upon the book by Stephan Osmont. Natacha Regnier and Gabriel Byrne will also have roles. It starts shooting in January. And she also meant to show excitment for a new Costa Gavras film then praise the French for their all-round solid levels of cine-literacy. Oh, and not to get ahead of myself, but she could at least mention that Jonathan Glazer is the director of Under the Skin when she gets to it...

Here are some more set photos, this time of Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin, a sci-fi thriller wherein she plays an alien who preys on human men using her unearthly beauty. What an interesting “Species” of alien. Ahem. What? I’m not saying anything. [ICYDK via CB]

Summit Entertainment haven’t found a director for Red 2 yet, but they’ve managed to set a release date for 8/12/13 (though I’m not telling if that’s by the US or UK calendar). Well at least that’s one thing off the To-Do list. [Press Release]

I saw Studio Ghibli’s latest offering Arrietty, based on Mary Norton’s beloved children’s book The Borrowers and featuring the voice talent of Mark Strong and Olivia Colman. This new English-language trailer, however, features the American cast instead and sounds really weird and off in comparison. That’s still Saoirse Ronan as Arrietty, though.


McG may or may not be directing a cop drama called Puzzle Palace at some point in the next 3 years. The script is by David Guggenheim. [Deadline]

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