Up For Auction: Jerry Siegel's Hair

We've mentioned high-end comic book auction house Comic Connect a number of times on BC, primarily because there have been four comic books in the world to break the million-dollar barrier, and they've sold three of them (and have an excellent candidate for the first comic to break the 2 million dollar barrier in this upcoming auction as well).  So, along with Heritage, ComicLink, and a couple other houses, they're one of a handful of  go-to places to look when you want something that's really, really tough to get.

But just when you think you've seen everything there is to see in comic-related… memorabilia, there's this:

"These hairs are from the head which originated the character SUPERMAN. And to think that during the early years when I sought the get the character before the public, scoffing editors called it a hair-brained idea." 8/19/77 Jerry Siegel

Jerry was very interested in history and the legacies left behind by famous people. On a trip to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC he and his wife Joanne were particularly fascinated by a display of hair from George Washington and other early U.S. Presidents. They learned that in the nineteenth century it was common to honor famous Americans by preserving locks of their hair. Besides being interesting, it triggered Jerry s sense of humor. After that when Joanne gave him a haircut, they decided to keep some of his hair in a container because one day, who knows &fans might be interested to see the hair that grew out of the head that came up with the idea for Superman!  He wrote a humorous note on a small piece of paper and tucked it inside this box with some locks of his naturally wavy, black hair.

It looks like Comic Connect has several items on the block from Superman Co-Creator Jerry Siegel's personal archives in their November 14-30 auction, including his favorite suit, shirt, and tie, and a number of other items.

Siegel (1914-1996) is of course a towering figuring in the history of American comics. His wife Joanne Siegel, who died in February at the age of 93, was the model for Lois Lane, and worked tirelessly to reclaim the Superman copyright.

Among other items, the auction also includes a 1945 Superman script by Siegel and his personal copy of Superman #1. That one rates an are you kidding me? in my book. Because how'd you like to own Jerry Siegel's copy of Superman #1? I'd personally much rather have that than his hair, but between this and the Nicholas Cage Action Comics #1 9.0 going on the block, this looks like the must-watch auction of the year so far. I'll definitely be following a bunch of stuff carefully on closing night.

A brown striped tie favored by Superman creator Jerry Siegel. Comes with signed card and photo of Jerry Siegel wearing the tie. Originally from the personal collection of Jerry Siegel.

Jerry particularly loved this brightly striped orange, brown, white and gray tie. Joanne Siegel, Jerry s wife who was also the original artist s model for the character Lois Lane, gave it to him on their wedding anniversary in 1984

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