The Dough Boy Who Collected Spider-Man #666

Posted by October 9, 2011 Comment

This is the complete cover collection of Amazing Spider-Man #666 including all the different retailer-specific covers from around the world, displayed by comic book collector Dough Boy… who tells of his ordeal.

There were some retailers who would refuse to communicate with non-local consumers, some retailers who would not mail under any circumstance, and some retailers who decided they were going to jack their cost way up to take advantage of the completionists.

Probably the hardest comic to come by was the Blister comic out of Japan.  They would only ship to a Japan address…not international.  One member found a unique way to get around this and was able to procure their copy for $35.  I went the old school route and contacted my network of friends on Facebook asking for help.  Ultimately a friend of a friend hooked me up and allowed me to ultimately get my copy for only $10 shipped.

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