Terry Gilliam On The One Show – The Wholly Family And The Damnation Of Faust

Terry Gilliam is a guest on the BBC’s One Show tonight. Ostensibly, he’s there to hype the screening of his filmette The Wholly Family at the London Film Festival. I’ve seen the short and loved it, and we’ve even had a review on the site from the New York premiere.

Rich has managed to get this video online in double quick time. It starts with a clip from the short – not much of it unfortunately – and then Gilliam talking about it a little.

The big news there is that the short is going to be available to buy online soon. More details on that in due course, but I’d predict iTunes.

In the next segment, Gilliam talked a little about his production of The Damnation of Faust. There was a clip from the TV version, which is to screen on BBC4 next Friday October 14th. Don’t miss it.

The show’s co-host Alex Jones made mention of Faust going on tour and she may have been wrong, but if she’s right, I hope it goes wide and far and it reaches the sort of audience it deserves.

Anyway, I’m back (still in pain, but on some good meds) and what better way to announce this than with a Terry Gilliam story?