Who Is The New Scarlet Spider? We Have The Answer… Somewhere

Now I’m not one for spoilers, you all know that.

But it seems I have in my possession, the knowledge of exactly who is under the hoodie, the new Scarlet Spider, appearing in Point One and spinning out of Spider Island.

But there’s no fun in just telling you. Not when the reveal is such a while away.

So I’m going to let you guess. Here are ten possibilities. One of them is the correct identity. But who will guess correctly? One of those who do so in the message board below (and only one post per person) will win… something. No idea what yet.

Here are your contenders.

1. Peter Parker

2. Ben Reilly

3. Miles Morales

4. Kaine

5. Aunt May

6. Shang Chi

7. Mary Jane Watson

8.  Eddie Brock

9. Norman Osborn

10. Joe Michael Straczynski

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