Oh No! The Extended Shining Is Staying In The Vaults After All

Earlier in the month I wrote a story with this headline:

Super-Rare Uncut Version Of The Shining To Screen In New York

Exciting, I thought.

The Dryden Theatre in New York had announced that they would be screening a print of the film “as you’ve never seen it, complete with a chilling coda cut from the original release.”

Unfortunately, they seem to have made a mistake. I just received the following e-mail, a reply to an enquiry I made back when I first saw the listing:

Hello, Brendon.

Thank you for your interest in George Eastman House’s upcoming screening of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” (Oct. 22 and Oct. 23 in our Dryden Theatre).

It has come to our attention the print of the film we will be showing does not in fact have the two-minute final scene that Mr. Kubrick cut following the film’s initial screenings.

The version of “The Shining” screening at Eastman House will be the 142-minute extended U.S. version that includes footage Mr. Kubrick subsequently cut from the European release.

If you could correct and/or amend your Web site or blog to reflect this, we would greatly appreciate it. We have made the correction

Best, with thanks

They have made the correction in that they have removed reference to the coda. There’s no obvious statement on their wesbite about which version of the film they actually will be screening.

It’s great that they got in touch and are letting people know, but this story went wide after my last post. There were literally hundreds of tweets and Facebook status updates from people excited to go see the film.

So, do your fellow film buffs a favour and spread the word. I’d hate to think some people make a special trip for no reason.