First Trailer For Hot Action Thriller Sleepless Night

Frederic Jardin's high-concept action thriller Sleepless Night played at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of weeks back to enthusiastic response. Since then, the director has netted himself a US agent and, as you'd expect, the film has been keyed up for an English language remake.

But before then, you can see the original, French language version with subtitles.

And before then, you can see the original, French language trailer without subtitles.

Lost? Let me throw you even more by skipping the set up and dishing out the crux of the film's TIFF synopsis:

Vincent enters Jose's club — a dizzying complex that heaves with music and crowds — unaware that he's being tailed by a rookie female officer working the drug robbery. From here, he is plunged into a perverse labyrinth of corruption and betrayal as he races against the clock to save his child.

But I'm sure you weren't really lost. The point of Sleepless Night, it seems, is not in anything more complex than the thrill of the chase and the suspense of a slowly closing noose.

Works for me.

Though, of course, I hope whoever does the remake invests in keeping the horizon a bit more steady. Steadicams, cranes and dolly tracks are our friends.

Thanks to Jeux Actu for the trailer.