Sunday Night Rushes - The Man Of Steel, The Holy Grail, GI Joe And More

Sunday Night Rushes – The Man Of Steel, The Holy Grail, GI Joe And More

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Elizabeth Banks stars in and has directed a short film called Just a Little Heart Attack. It’s part comedy, part PSA. It’s hard not to love her, don’t you think, especially when she does things like this? [Go Red]

Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining is Doctor Sleep, a story of the adult Danny Torrance and some “psychic vampires”. It’s yet to be published, but King has read a chapter aloud at a recent event, and somebody uploaded a video of this to YouTube. [io9]


Now, if we’re looking for someone to turn Doctor Sleep into a film, I vote for Matthew Chapman. Several of his films show a strong Kubrick influence and his latest, The Ledge – which I’m yet to see, being over here in the UK, but am excited by – is reputed to owe a debt to Stephen King.

The Flowers of War is to be the official representative of China at next year’s Oscars. To celebrate, here’s a strange poster for the film.  [RMP]

JJ Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke are teaming up for Revolution, “an epic adventure thriller” series for NBC. Kripke has written the pilot script. [Deadline]

Dreamworks are working on a new film version of Roald Dahl’s BFG – nothing to do with the videogame gun , but a Big Friendly Giant. Melissa Mathison, who wrote ET, The Indian in the Cupboard and the US subtitles for Ponyo on the Cliff, will be scripting.

Meanwhile,  the studio is also retaining the services of Tate Taylor, director of The Help, for Pace Like a River. I assume this will be based on the Leif Enger book and not the song by Paul Simon. [Reuters]

The best poster yet for The Rum Diary is working the Fear and Loathing connection.

It’s the The Alfred Hitchcock Cookery Book. Just make sure you clean up properly after yourself otherwise Mother will not be pleased. [Go Into The Story]


Film director Don Boyd, who also serves as a governor of The London Film School, has written about the ongoing review of “film policy” by Chris Smith, chairman of the UK government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Boyd says:

The BFI, Smith and the government have one vital responsibility. As well as continuing to encourage university-level film education, they must fund a comprehensive system to empower schools to teach film to children.

He’s not wrong there. [Guardian]

Pearl Jam 20 is now available On Demand in the US. [The Uncool]

David Lynch directed this one-minute  promo film for 2011’s Viennale. I almost wish he hadn’t.


Filming for what would seem to be a Wachowski-directed segment of Cloud Atlas is underway in Majorca:

Majorca is going to be the setting for the sixth story of the multi-story film which is set on the island of Hawaii in 2321 and where life has reverted to the days of tribal living after most of humanity dies during “The Fall”. Zachry, a tribesman, is visited by Meronym (Halle Berry), a member of the last remnants of technologically-advanced civilization.

The Majorca Film Commission also requested for men between the ages of 25 and 45 with slightly long hair and scruffy beards to play sailors, as well as body doubles for Jim Sturgess and Jim Broadbent. This points towards the story of Adam Ewing in 1850, a lawyer visiting the Chatham Islands off the coast of New Zealand who witnesses the colonization and conversion of the Maori also being shot on the island.

Good detective work. [Majorca Daily Bulletin]

Changing the subject only slightly, Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell has said “films fail if they stick to the spirit of the book”, adding that he turned down the offer to script a big screen adaptation of the novel himself. [Telegraph]

Images and copyrights from a Norma Jean Dougherty photoshoot, dating to the time before she became Marilyn Monroe, are to be auctioned off. [Daily Mail]

Mel Brooks is producing Pizzaman, a slasher film to be directed by Steve Haberman and co-written by Haberman and Rudy DeLuca, long time contributors to Brooksfilms. Cary Elwes and Stacy Keach are to take starring roles as a detective and “a bad guy who’s the head of the institution”, though Brooks says the murderous Pizzaman himself “has to be” an unknown. [Fangoria]

Diego Boneta is apparently wanted for the part of Adam in Paradise Lost, while Camilla Belle has been offered the role of Eve. Dirty leches shouldn’t get too excited about seeing these pretty young things naked, however, as this will be a motion capture movie. Digibits ahoy. [Variety]

Here are characters from The Funniest Movie Ever Made And That Includes Evil Dead 2, rendered in Lego. [Geeky Tom via Superpunch]

Julia Ormond had been cast in the role of Lara Lor-Van, Superman’s mother in The Man of Steel, but she’s now leaving the film and has been replaced by Ayelet Zurer. There’s probably a really banal reason for this. Still, I’m sure somebody will make up an exciting fantasy about what went down behind the scenes, maybe with Russell Crowe doing things immoral and illegal. [Deadline]

Korean popstar and sometime actor Rain has decided to join the army. [Reuters]

I think I’ve told you before how much I love the new My Little Pony. Here’s a Star Wars pastiche from their latest episode as a little bit of back-up for my case.


And, in case you didn’t get it all, here’s a split-screen comparison.


Have you taken the kids to Lion King 3D yet? Disney have print-out-and-fold paper models of Simba and Nala you might want to make with them. [Papercrafts]

The French action thriller Sleepless Night proved to be a real crowd pleaser at the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s about a cop trying to rescue his son, find some missing drugs and evade dealers and Internal Affairs detectives all within a claustrophobic nightclub. No suprise that a US remake is on the way, but it’s good to read that director Frederic Jardin has netted himself a new, powerful agent in the process. [THR]

Simon Fisher-Becker will be reprising his role of Dorium Maldavar on Doctor Who next weekend. Next year, he says, we’ll be seeing him in a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones as a “high priest”. [CultBox]

Goldeneye is to yield yet another videogame. Here’s an eight minute preview of Goldeneye Reloaded, showing the Facility level familiar from the N64 original.


Star Wars has already been remade. By a five year old. Watch it below and tell me if you agree that it’s amazing how much of the subtlety and nuance he’s captured. [Wired]


A coalition of Pakistani film producers, directors and actors are trying to block the screening of Indian films in their country. They say that they’re “perturbed by the public interest in Indian movies shown in local cinema halls and the fact that Pakistani films hardly drew crowds” and that “the film industry would regain its strength by standing tall against the screening of Indian films in the name of foreign films.” Wow. Imagine Canadian filmmakers trying this against US films, for example. [Asian Age]

I bet the good guys in 2-Headed Shark Attack win by tempting the beast to swim in two different directions at once. Riiiip! [Arrow]

How can you not love Twitter when it facilitates moviestar magic like this? [Vulture]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/SarahKSilverman/status/116228456240517121"]

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And how can you not love Photoshop when it allows folk to add Ewoks to their family photos and convince their kids that the cuddly little fellas are real? [Wired]

Low budget British film Panic Button played at Frightfest where I saw it and reacted with a mixture of disinterest and disgust. Maybe one of the DVD special features will be illuminating, though – an eighteen minute mini-doc on How to Raise Film Finance. Will they have the brass balls to claim you need a good script? [BBFC]

Virgin America have named one of their planes Real Steel as a promotional tie-in with the movie. Seemed entirely random until I remembered that planes are made out of steel. No. Hang on. It can’t be that. I give up. It is completely random, isn’t it? [Virgin]

The BBC murder investigation miniseries Conviction is being adapted to the big screen by Bill Gallagher, its original writer, and Nick Murphy, director of The Awakening. They’re going to call it Blood now, probably to avoid comparison to, well, Conviction.  Brian Cox, Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham will all have roles, and while there’s not been much else revealed at the moment, you could always get on at the ground floor and nab the well-liked original on DVD. [Screen Daily]

The dance-skilled Tavis Wong, Kendra Andrews and Galen Hooks have all “booked roles” in GI Joe 2. It was a bit of a nightmare unravelling this, but if you want to know how I know so, start with this tweet and get your click on:

[bla[blackbirdpie url=”!/KendraAndrews1/status/116265127824719872"]

Langley High is an as-yet unpublished comic about a student from the titular school teaming up with their teacher, an undercover CIA agent, for a rescue mission in Russia. Charles Roven has already optioned the movie rights. [The Wrap]p>And so to bed. More tomorrow.

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