Tuesday Trending Topics: Reinventing Comic Day

It's beyond conventional wisdom at this point that digital is in the midst of radically changing our industry, and there's no doubt in my mind that the business is going to look pretty different 12-18 months from now.

And yet… it's becoming apparent that there are a bunch of side effects to this ongoing process — when we combine it with some of the aftershocks of the DC relaunch and some recent Marvel moves — which are going to help paper releases as well.  The industry news cycle is more in sync with the Comic Day release cycle than ever, and what's more, the non-nerd audience is starting to understand how that works due to constant outreach to mainstream news outlets.  DC and Marvel also now have fans pouring over solicit and other pre-release info to a greater extent than ever — and that too is migrating into the mainstream news.

The publishers have intuitively understood that for digital to do its job, the arcana of how comics works  also has to be demystified for a wider audience.  And more on point for the news of the past couple days, that the trains have to run on time.  All of this will have the side effect of benefiting the periodical paper comics business substantially as well.

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I seem to be sitting in a whirlwind of DC creative changes rumours right now. It's a mission to try and strip out the emotion that people are feeling and ground it in what is actually happening.

The Big Bang Theory Suits Up For DC Comics

From DC Comics shipping this week;

Swipe File: Grifter #1 Vs Resurrection Man #1

Thankfully they are very different books. Still…

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According to The UK Centre For Tobacco Control Studies, however, there is a very real link between glamorous movie stars sucking on a tab and the uptake of this filthy habit amongst teenagers…

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Actor Ryan Gosling has spent 18 years building a respectable acting career. This year sees him appearing in leading roles in Drive and The Ides of March,* and quite frankly he's getting sick of all this praise, money, and fame being thrown at him just for doing something he enjoys.

The Incredibles Go Taekwondo In The First Trailer For The Kick

It's been said that the apportioning of powers between The Incredibles is along the lines of their family responsibilities, demands and characteristics: Dad is expected to be strong; Mom has to stretch herself every which way; the shy daughter wants to fade away and hide behind a barrier; the hyperactive son keeps zipping about.

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