Whatever Happened To CLiNT’s Submission Winners?

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When CLiNT magazine was first announced, featuring Mark Millar’s comics, Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards’ Turf and Frankie Boyle’s Rex Royd, they were accompanied by Space Oddities, a regular short featuring the work of new contributors, who submitted their work on Mark Millar’s website. For many it was their first professional published work.

Another round were commissioned and winners were accepted around this time last year. And another thread was launched shortly afterwards to find a third group.

However, while the original strips ran over the first seven issues, the second set haven’t. Although the feature pages have been dropped to be replaced by comics – part of the move in focus away from the newsagent/supermarket to the comic store – Space Oddities seems to have missed several issues.

On the Millarworld board, Jeff Dyer asked;

I know you don’t “owe” us anything…but seriously, what’s up with “Space Oddities”? The submission thread has been open since November…going on a full year….and nothing’s been selected. There are lots of hopeful creators waiting (myself included) to see if something gets chosen. Added to that, the last few “Clint” magazines haven’t featured “Space Oddities”. Has the feature been dropped? I would love to continue submitting stories to this web site, but right now it feels so uncertain. If it’s over, fine. That’s your call. But please TELL us, so people don’t continue to invest time and creative energy producing stories that have no chance of being published. I know you’re a busy guy as everyone says, but you DID ask for submissions.

While accepted contributor Vladimir Kuzmanov had his take;

It’s been almost a year since you “bought” our story. Any kind of answer would be nice. Thanks!
Those quote marks do seem to indicate no money actually changed hands.

James Fosdike of Australia is in a similar boat.

Hi Mark, You gave my comic. ‘Grumbleguts’ the thumbs up for ‘Space Oddities’ in September last year, and I haven’t heard anything since. If you could let me know what’s happening it would be much appreciated.

I asked James to comment further on what had happened. He told me;

It’s been a while, but I think I submitted it to CLiNT around August/September last year.

About three weeks after I submitted, I went on the forum to see a post by Mr Millar saying that he’d picked a bunch of creators, myself included, and that some would perhaps be teamed up on different projects, as opposed to their ‘Space Oddities’ submissions. He mentioned that there would be payment, and that the Moderators would be in touch.

I got married and went on a lovely honeymoon in the meantime. I left a couple of messages with the Moderators, but with no response.

I think I tried again around Feburary, and got a response from one of the Moderators saying that she’d try to get in touch with him, but that he’s very busy.

So I left it at that, then got slightly concerned when I saw that the latest issues of CLiNT didn’t have any ‘Space Oddities’ stories in them at all.

You can read his Grumbleguts story here.

Space Oddities was very much an appeal to the grass roots of comics, CliNT wasn’t just a place for comics-to-movies to get greater public exposure – or if it was, they could at least bring new, green, untested talent with them. It was altruistic. Its disappearance may be as a result of cold commerce playing its part, but the silence is unfortunate.

Mark Millar did not return emails. Titan Magazines didn’t seem to be aware of the issue and told me they believed they were up to date with contributors – but would investigate.

As for Rex Royd from Frankie Boyle, it’s been delayed for a year now, and has been promised for both issue ten and eleven… but still no sign.

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