Creative Changes For Month Four Of The DC Relaunch

Posted by September 19, 2011 Comment

We know how committed DC Comics is to keeping these books on time. Like it’s a religion or something. Well, the Spanish Inquisition has been at December’s solicitations…

So what changes are coming on board for Month Four of the DC Relaunch? Here’s a brief rundown.

On Action Comics #4, Joshua Hal Fialkov, Rick Bryant and Matt Camp are contributing a back up story, while Gene Ha joins Rags Morales on the art for the main Grant Morrison written feature.

On Green Lantern Corps #4, Fernando Pasarin rejoins the book as penciller after dropping off for #3.

Diego Bernard joins Ed Benes to pencil Red Lanterns #4.

Victor Ibanez, after assisting Yanick Paquette on Swamp Thing #3, takes the book over for #4.

Mike Choi draws the cover to Demon Knights #4 and draws a chunk of the main book, along with regulars Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert.

Scott Clark and Dave Beaty replace CAFU on Grifter #4.

Another new team for Blackhawks as Graham Nolan and Trevor Scott take over for Alessandro Vitti who, as we discovered isn’t even drawing issue 3. Maybe these guys will be?

B Clay Moore and Paul McAffrey replace Jonathan Vankin and Phil Winslade on Men At War on the back up war stories strip.

While on All Star Western #4, Phil Winslade replaces Jordi Bernet – either drawing a back up or inking Moritat, it’s not clear.

Sandu Florea replaces Ryan Winn as inker on Detective Comics #4. ChrisCross replaces Ben Oliver as artist on Batwing #4.

JT Krul is off Green Arrow #4, with Keith Giffen and artist Dan Jurgens taking over the writing.

Gianluca Gugliotta is back on Mister Terrific, with Mr Deadline Fixit Scott Clark only drawing #3, and Gianluca bringing Wayne Faucher on as inker.

And JP Mayer replaces Ruy Jose as inker on Blue Beetle #4.

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