Jason Aaron On The Architects' Plans

Jason Aaron is attending the Spanish comics convention at Avilés. Where one French blog is reporting that he appears to have told the adoring crowd that Marvel's 2012 event will be co-written by the five so-called  "Architects" of the Marvel Universe,  Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Brian Bendis, Jonathan Hickman and Jason himself, also suggesting that such a book may be drawn by Olivier Coipel.

Checking it out however, Jason has clarified that while he said he might be working with the Architects on a mutual project,  he didn't said it was an "event" or indeed Marvel's big 2012 event. I'm also told Olivier hasn't committed to whatever his next project is.

Always worth checking these kind of things.

Jason Aaron with Scalped co-creator RM Guéra at an exhibition of his work. Photo by Kelly Aaron.

At the show's Critics award ceremonry, Aaron won best foreign writer, Guéra won best foreign artist and Scalped won best foreign work.

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