John Rozum Walks Off Static Shock

There have been some creative changes on the DC New 52 Relaunch, such as Marco Rudy being dropped completely off Suicide Squad and Roger Robinson off Mister Terrific. But this doesn't seem to have been of choice and has up till now concerned artists.

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool was told that John Rozum, best known as creator of Xombi for DC/Milestone, a personal favourite of mine, had walked off Static Shock. We asked him for comment. He has now replied, confirming the story, saying;

I have resigned from Static Shock. Before any speculation starts the decision was entirely mine. My issues for leaving had nothing to do with the character or with DC Comics. I plan to continue working for DC long into the future and am developing new projects for them at this time.

He also stated

I maintain a belief that the folks at DC also share a belief that Static has a lot of potential as part of the DCnU and that they would like the character to remain true to his origins, and established nature.

And to a wider audience;

I'm also open to any other offers, so if you are in the position to give me work, please let me know.

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