How Scream 4 Could Have Started Instead

The Scream 4 DVD and Blu-ray are on shelves in the UK now, but they’re almost entirely without special features. Come October 4th, I’m going to plump for the Region A option instead, with its tidy little package of supplements.

Amongst those “extras” will be an alternative opening for the film. Chances are, they plumped for the right one – the beginning of the film is one of the highpoints – but it’s always interesting to get a sense of what might have been.

Geotoine (via Scream Trilogy) have posted a series of stills from the deleted opening, and they suggest something I wasn’t expecting…

We were seeing the bloody graffiti in production stills right up until very close to release, and then it never appeared in the final film. Does its origins in an alternative “first kill” mean that the smarty-pants opening we do have in the film, much praised and widely loved, was an eleventh hour detour from Craven and Co.’s original plans?

I’m looking forward to seeing Scream 4 again. It’s certainly not perfect, but I liked what it had to say, and much of how it said it.