What You Can Expect At Sci-Fi London's Oktoberfest – Listing And Trailers

The program has now been announced for the Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest, the year's second, shorter outing for everybody's favourite science fiction festival… from London.

Okay, a lot further afield than London too. They really do show some off-the-chart films at Sci-Fi London, as well as some of the bigger names. And the good thing about Oktoberfest is that it takes place in Camden, far away from the "rather limited" Apollo Cinema. The ball's in your court, Odeon Camden – show the Apollo how things are done.

Next month's fest is going to kick off on Friday October 7th with a sci-fi cabaret night, featuring geek stand-ups and a bit of burlesque. For the latter, you can look forward to Sophia Disgrace, the woman in the picture below, coming on stage in a Darth Vader costume and then stripping.

I've no idea how anybody would find Darth Vader sexy, but I know they do, and good luck to them.

The stand ups appearing are Rob Deb, Bec Hill, Nathaniel Metcalfe and Pete Dillon Trenchard. If Hill really did design t-shirts with "If You Can Read This, My Cape Fell Off" written on the back, and not just name her show after them, then she's pretty bloody funny.

The fest continues over the weekend with its traditional anime and MST3K all-nighters and a healthy handful of new films receiving preview screenings and premieres. This is the real draw for me, personally, funny T-shirt inventress or not.

Here are the appropriate blurbs and, where possible, trailers:

  • Another Earth – Mike Cahill and Brit Marling tell us what happens when another Earth is found, identical to this one, populated with our doubles, leading nearly identical lives to ours.


  • The Divide – Set in nuclear fallout shelter, peopled with such stars as Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette and Milo Ventimiglia – in character, of course, this 'aint no Charlie Kaufmann. Tensions run high and things get murky.


  • Phase 7 – a gory, comic take on something like Contagion or Outbreak, it would seem. Won Best Screenplay at Sitges this year.


  • By Day and Night – The world is overpopulated so the human race is genetically modified to split into two halves – the diurnal and the nocturnal. Two societies sharing the same spaces, in turn, night after day after night after day.


  • Helldriver – The lead character of this one is a Japanese schoolgirl killing zombies with a chainsaw kitana. It sells itself.


  • Love – the UK premiere of this art-film sci-fi western. Reputed to look and sound absolutely incredible, including the soundtrack by Angels and Airwaves. This trailer ends with the question "Does it bother you that we're not real?", to which I'd have to say "Yes, but in a good way."


The cabaret takes place on Friday October 7th, and tickets are on sale for that now. There's less than 60 left, so you might want to move fast.

The films are on Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th, with the anime and MST3K all-nighters running simultaneously, over the Saturday night. Tickets for all of this will be on sale "soon".

See you there?