Saturday Rushes Part Two - Just A Few More Movie Bits Before Bedtime

Saturday Rushes Part Two – Just A Few More Movie Bits Before Bedtime

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Anne Hathaway has been lined up for the lead in Peter Sollet’s Cover Your Assets. The film has been written by 30 Rock‘s Kay Cannon and is apparently about a “career woman looking to break her streak of losing romantic relationships to her job.” Sollet was going to next direct the on-hold movie version of Marvel’s Runaways next, but… well… obviously not. Not at the moment…

Now. I wouldn’t eat this pie if I were you.

Studio Canal are about to embark on a bit of a Francis Ford Coppola bender here in the UK. In October, they’ll be releasing The Outsiders and The Conversation to DVD and Blu-ray, then in November, One From The Heart – but this one only on DVD. Seeing as this film was made at the beginning of Coppola’s love affair with video, it’s possible there’s a technical reason that a Blu-ray master is not possible, or even desirable. I’ll look into it.

In Time has a tremendously clever premise, a smart, well-written screenplay and cinematography byRoger Deakins. On the other hand, it also has Justin Timberlake… I do hope it can work out what to do with him.

FearNet have bowed their  latest Trick’r Treat spin-off short, Sam’s Going Back To School.

Between tedious mouthfuls of gay panic, Thomas Jane says he has written and would like to direct a western called The Magnificent Death From a Shattered Hand. [Vulture]

I spoke to Terence Davies the night before he had a meeting to select the posters for his new film, The Deep Blue Sea. I can’t say he was looking forward to it – or to the process of getting a trailer released. Here’s the first poster to get the stamp of approval, however.

Yes, that’s Loki sneaking up on Evanora of Oz there – slashfic ahoy! [Indiewire]

Once upon a time, the Chicago Board of Trade was Chris Nolan’s Wayne Enterprises – and who knows, it may be again. But it’s also going to be The Daily Planet in Zack Snyder’s The Man of Steel. It must have some real special Metropogothamy architecture. [Chicago Business via Film School Rejects]

Here’s the new Transformers pinball table. Shiny multiballs.

Stephen Sondheim’s “song specific commentary” on the upcoming West Side Story Blu-ray will only add up to 20 minutes and 5 seconds of material. He has, for example, only 42 seconds of anything much to say about the song Somewhere.* Well, thanks for turning up anyway, Steve. [BBFC]

Twentieth Century Fox projected an X-Men: First Class promotional light show on the side of a building in LA the other night. Some of it – the tunnel X, the items flying in under the pull of magentism – would have been great to see at full size.

Peter Bogdanovich is going to play a character “inspired by” Charon, the ferryman to Hades, in The Healing, that haunted woods fantasy film I was telling you about earlier. That’s just wild casting, and now I think the director, Giorgio Serafini must be some kind of genius or goat. But which? I now really can’t wait to find out. [THR]

David Slade has a Daredevil update for you. And it’s that he doesn’t have a Daredevil update for you. Look:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/DAVID_A_SLADE/status/112212801988210689"]

You really do have to see this trailer. Gareth Huw Evans (Indonesia’s favourite Welshman, I’d imagine) is following up Merantau with The Raid, another full-on exercise in kinetics. I hope you like your plots action driven because these aren’t characters as they are bodies at rest and in beautiful motion.

And that, say my droopy eyelids, are the Rushes for Saturday.

I’ll be back for lots more in the morning.

*Coincidentally, there were only 42 seconds of anything much in Sofia Coppola’s film Somewhere. Cosmic significance?

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