Locke & Key Has A Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Chance Of Coming To MTV

There are two interesting things to take away from Deadline's story on the possibility of the Locke & Key TV show coming to MTV.

  • That there's an incredibly slender possibility of this happening.
  • That there's enough interest in the show that even such a ridiculously tiny glimmer of hope has become a headline story.

Here's their exact words, so you can see how slight the promise is:

Also last month, a DVD of the pilot was given to MTV programming chief David Janollari. I hear he liked it but is yet to meet with the Locke & Key producers, so there has been no real conversation between the two sides.

Maybe we can make it a more real and tangible possibility by clapping for fairies. I'm prepared to give anything a try.

Realisitically, there would be several obstacles in the way of the show making it to air.

Perhaps the background problem would be the expense. As the Locke & Key pilot proved, amazing things can be done on tight TV budgets but MTV budgets are even tighter. SyFy were interested before, but the ledgers didn't look quite as pretty as they wanted, and they backed down. MTV will need a bit of vision and pluck to go with their bank balance here.

Also, while Josh Friedman was set to be the showrunner when the series was intended for Fox, he now has another deal in place, for a spy show – again with Fox, and with a "put pilot" deal, which means his new pilot will have to be screened or some compensation paid. If this show goes to series, this arrangement would prevent him from working on Locke.

And then there's also the tricky matter of re-engaging all of the actors. It would be a terrible shame for their superb work in the pilot to go unseen as a result of a recast.

If there is a recast, or if Friedman is replaced, then we wouldn't really be getting this Locke & Key show, just a Locke & Key show.

With all of the continued interest, I'm increasingly hopeful that Mark Romanek's pilot will some how see the light of day again. Ideally, we'd then also get the series to follow it.

But can we really expect MTV to be the people to pull off the surprise rescue?

Let's console ourselves a while by reading some of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez' comics and wish that the TV industry was, in many ways, more like the comic book one.