Let’s Go Batmanning, The New Internet Craze That All The Cool Kids Are Talking About

Posted by September 7, 2011 Comment

Planking is sooooo March 27th 2011. Owling is so July 11th. Storking… July 16th. What all the kids are doing now, it’s called Batmanning.

It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s good for your ankles. It’s great fun to watch too, spectating on all these hip young things! Which one will fall and break their next first? Exciting!

Here’s a video by The Batman Boilers. They say this was the very beginning of the craze.


But hang on… what’s this? That video was dated August 29th? That’s sooooo last week.

I propose we move on from Batmanning… so who’s up for a bit of Jokering? It’s easy. All you do is cut your face off, nail it to the wall, film it and upload to YouTube… while I play unfitting music with the hipster barista.

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