Sunday Trending Topics: The Avengers Take Manhattan

Sunday Trending Topics: The Avengers Take Manhattan

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It’s hard not to like what we’ve been hearing and seeing about the production of The Avengers in recent times.  Even if only a fraction of the plot rumors are true, there would seem to be quite a bit of disparate Marvel history packed in there.  Shake all that up, add a healthy dose of Whedon, top it off with some destruction like we saw in today’s post, and you’ve got some serious potential for next May.

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Avengers Filming In Manhattan Right Now. We’ve Got The Pics.

This is turning into one hell of a location shoot, isn’t it? Straight from the streets of Manhattan from our intrepid Bleeding Cool reporter at Grand Central Station…

Five More Things About Doctor Who: Night Terrors

There will, of course, be spoilers – and, actually, not just for Doctor Who.

Five Thoughts About Doctor Who: Night Terrors

Sorry for the reduced service, it’s late and I need to sleep. I do hope large misshapen dolls don’t come for me in my dreams and try to turn me into one of them. Or I don’t lie awake in bed thinking about it. Okay, so what do we have, apart from spoilers to the episode of Doctor Who that aired tonight.

Most-Read Comics Today:

“From Standing To Kneeling” – A Woman And The New DC Universe

No, I’m not talking about Batgirl. After all, she’s gone from kneeling to standing. I’m talking about Voodoo.

J Scott Campbell’s Mary Jane Entertainingly Mocked

Thank you, 4chan. We are not worthy.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Subscription Fails – But Mattel Will Issue It Anyway

The purchase deadline for the subscription ended almost two weeks ago and only reached 60% of Mattel’s minimum number of subscribers required to put he subscription into operation.

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