A Guide To Recognising Your Trolls: Concept Art From The Troll Hunter

A Guide To Recognising Your Trolls: Concept Art From The Troll Hunter

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They’re big, they’re ugly and they smell like the inside of a vegetable drawer in a student flat, but how much do you really know about trolls?

André Øvredal’s film The Troll Hunter is getting ready for a UK release on September 9th, and we at Bleeding Cool were sent these concept art sketches by artist Håvard S. Johansen which outline the four types of trolls that are depicted in the film, based on the descriptions in Norwegian mythology that inspired it. Here’s how you tell them apart:

  • The Jotnar (or Larde Jutne in Norwegian), though gigantic, is hunched, like an old man.
  • The ferocious Ringlefinch is missing an arm, apparently the result of some long-ago battle with another troll.
  • The three-headed Tosserlad’s heads are disturbingly grotesque – for the sole reason that the faces are based on those of truly deformed humans.
  • The Mountain Kings (or Dovre Gubbe in Norwegian) are based on the troll characters in Henrik Ibsen’s classic Norwegian play, “Peer Gynt”.

Being a country lass with a keen eye for subdividing troll species, I have created a more in-depth guide to these trolls based on Johansen’s sketches.

I hope that you find it informative.

The 80s Shoulderpad Troll
The One-Parts-Outrage-To-Two-Parts-Disinterest Troll
The Untrimmed Fringe Troll
The Naboo Troll
The One Tree Hill Troll
The Treehugger Troll
The Overcompensating Treehugger Troll
The "Should Have Put A Ring On It" Troll
This is not a troll. This is Paris Hilton without make-up.
The Missing Contact Lens Troll
The Cialis Troll (Oh come on, this is the first joke I've made about their noses)
The Disney Villain Troll
The Winter Sports Interruption Troll
The Urban Troll
The IMDb Troll
The Youtube Troll

Brendon’s law-suit avoiding note: These are not the names of the Trolls as given in the movie. The film keeps it just to the categories at the head of the post. All of the captions are Hannah’s invention.

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