Look! Christopher Lloyd Is Doc Brown Again For Some New Commercials

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Christopher Lloyd has now played Doctor Emmet Brown in the three Back to the Future feature films, one theme park ride, a five-part videogame and some commercials for an Argentinian electricals store. Anything I’m missing from that list? Maybe a Saturday Night Live sketch or something? Robot Chicken?

Here is the main commercial for the Argentinian store:


And to compliment that commercial, another angle on proceedings.

And some B-roll of the shoot taking place.

Yes – now even Back to the Future has gotten a mock-doc reboot. I wouldn’t be surprised if some young buck with a new key to the Universal executive washroom will have seen this footage and thought, if only for a second, about spinning the idea off into a new movie. I can see it now… a shiny disc discovered in the 1830s is handed down through the generations, and it’s only when Blu-ray players are invented that we can finally discover the “amazing story” of Doc Brown’s adventures with Incas and aliens. Marty can hold the camera, always off screen and sounding curiously different to how we remember him.

Anyhow. Thanks to Aint It Cool for the vids.

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