Tron Himself Says Third Film Is "Done Deal" And "Already In The Works"

I've probably been less sceptical about the chances of seeing a third Tron than a second Sin City, but consider me tickled that today brought omens of both of these sometime long-shots being real, in-development films that are coming our way.

Here's a very short video of Bruce Boxleitner, the man who was Tron, fielding fan questions about his role in the series and when we'll see some more.


As the man said:

It's already a done deal. It's already in the works my friend, it's already in the works… 2013 I hope… it takes a long time to make these things. We won't get to it until next year anyway.

I guess there's not really going to be any more news on Tron 3 becoming reality until the green light gets flicked on, but it's nice to hear how confident Mr. Boxleitner is, I suppose.

I hope he has a better role next time. Heck, I hope they all have better roles next time. Except perhaps for Garrett Hedlund, unless by "better" we mean "in a different film".

Thanks to Aint It Cool for the vid.