The Blackification Of The Black Terror

This is the cover to Blackest Terror, a new comic published by Moonstone in October.

Written by Eric M Esquivel and drawn by Ander Sarabia, it takes the classic pulp character currently published by Dynamite, and, well… makes him a black man.

And this character is the first of a “collection of racial and social minorities who feel underserved by the mainstream legal system and have decided to take matters into their own costumed hands. How will the world react to these benevolent outlaws? Will they become celebrated symbols of humankind’s capacity for good or hated catalysts of a bloody revolution?”

It’s the first of five one shots written by Esquivel reinterpreting golden age, and out of copyright, comic characters. Blackest Terror will be followed by Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ, Super American: The Red, White And Blue Knight, Moon Girl: Princess With A Punch and the team-up, Modern Myths: In The Company of Immortals.

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