Fear Itself – Bullet Points From Fan Expo Canada

From the Fear Itself panel held at Fan Expo Canada last night, come the following bullet points;

  • The Fearless mini-series will focus on Valkyrie and Sin and what happens to the hammers.
  • Battle Scars will be a murder mystery that turns into a conspiracy.
  • Matt Fraction says to count the foot steps in this image as it is significant.
  • In the poem Völuspá, a dead völva recounts the history of the universe and foretells the future to the disguised god Odin, including the death of Thor. Thor, she foretells, will do battle with the great serpent during the immense mythical war waged at Ragnarök, and there he will slay the monstrous snake, yet after he will only be able to take nine steps before succumbing to the venom of the beast:
  • Battle Scars and Regenesis will lead into a 2012 marvel event that pretty much has every involved. They repeatedly mentioned that it’s not a coincidence that Schism and Fear Itself are happening around the same time.
  • We also got a motion comics trailer for the Hulk. Essentially saying the Hulk is finally at peace and Banner’s gone nuts. More details tomorrow at the Hulk/Ultimate Panel, but when asked to compare it to the Byrne story where the Hulk and Banner split, they say it’s more of a reverse of that paradigm. They saw Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine and Heart Of Darkness as influences to Jason Aaron’s take on the character.
  • They took time to point out the guy in silhouette between Iron Man and Valkyrie.
  • Note the silhouette is not in this earlier image.
  • And it’s probably the same guy in this image as well.

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