Brian Says Relax

I loved watching Brian Azzarello being interviewed about his upcoming run on Wonder Woman for Comic Book Syndicate. There’s a mixture of him not really wanting to be there, combined with a desire to have a little mischief while he is. I mean I wouldn’t actually want to be the interviewer or anything but it’s fun to watch. In the way you watch The Office.

“How did it come about? I got hoodwinked.”

“Relax! Just relax! She’s not going to be wearing pants. It’s a soft reboot. She still comes from Paradise Island. All that stuff remains relevant. Relax!”

“I’ve not been a lifelong fan of Wonder Woman by… no. I really didn’t even like the television show that much.”

He seems a lot happier once he gets to talk about Spaceman. Once he mentions he’d like to, that is…

“It’s on the value menu!”


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