Savour This Trailer For The Locke & Key TV Show

I recommend you milk this trailer for the Locke & Key TV show for every drop of enjoyment you can because it's pretty unlikely you'll ever see another frame.

And I can't even start to tell you how unfair that is.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience at Comic-Con when the pilot was screened, given a short, brilliant release from whatever decrepit oubliette in which it has now been stuffed.

Because despite having been delivered the best first episode of a TV series I have ever seen – and I'm holding it up against the opening of Twin Peaks, which I have loved dearly for over two decades, as well as bigger, more popular hits – Fox decided to not commission a series.

Why? It seems that they considered the show too cinematic. That this pilot set a standard that no TV series could ever maintain. It's a shocking lack of imagination. And they had the evidence of how it could be done, right there, in their hands.

The Comic-Con panel made two things crystal clear: that all hope of the show making it out, into the world either on Fox or another network was dead; that the programme maker's plans for more episodes were going to be the perfect way of handling the material.

You see, what they were going to do was to space out the narrative from the comics, adapting issues pretty faithfully but taking breaks, where appropriate, for several new episodes. Filling in the gaps, as it were, with sidestories, and other misadventures in Key House.

There's a tiny flicker of hope in my heart that Mark Romanek's perfectly shot, brilliantly cast and fantastically moving pilot will somehow make another showing, somewhere, someday. Maybe we all need to be mailing copies of Mulholland Drive to the guys at Dreamworks TV until they get the hint. I mean, wrapping things up by adding on adjusted material from Head Games, the comic's second arc, would be much, much better than locking the show away for ever and tossing the key down a scary well. The resulting film could make some real money too, I'm sure of it.

Enough dreaming. Back to the nightmare. Enjoy these glimpses of what should have been.


Thanks to Josh Friedman, the pilot's writer and the man who would have been showrunner, for posting a link to the trailer on his Twitter account.

Update from Hannah: It seems that the almighty Fox has stepped in and had this trailer torn down, but hopefully we can rely on the internet to have preserved it in some form or another. If it crops up again we'll be sure to post a link, as it's very much worth watching.

Update from Hannah #2: Many thanks to Cononach for finding the trailer on Youtube.