BBC Scotland Superhero Comic Documentary Papers Over The Cracks

Posted by August 23, 2011 Comment

This BBC Scotland film celebrates in a rather overblown overhyped fashion, the influence of Scottish creators on modern superhero comics. Everything is positive, obsequious an unquestioning. And Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Alan Grant are never seen in the same room. Otherwise, we may have had a very different documentary.

Grant Morrison has a real problem with Mark Millar over what he sees as rewriting of history, a division Mark Millar seems to totally ignore, and Alan Grant has a major problem with the both of them for what he sees as being snubbed after helping both their careers.

Frank Quitely though, everyone just loves him.

The documentary gets some actual legs when it delves into the history of comics in Scotland, specifically the publishing work of DC Thompson. You may want to fast forward past some of the.. style, to get there.

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