That Meta Textual Finale To Bryan Q Miller’s Batgirl – SPOILERS

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Bleeding Cool pointed out James Robinson’s metatextaual examination of his run on Justice League, audience reception and what will be happening to the characters that have been placed in limbo for their DC Relaunch.


The week before,  Bryan Q Miller and Pere Perez gave Batgirl a slightly more graceful metatextual farewell to Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. Wrapping up all the plotlines they could lay their hands on, they finished with this message;

One Batgirl leaving the scene, leaving the new (old) Batgirl behind. But before that scene, Stephanie Brown had been infected by Black Mercy, the plant introduced by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons that traps people in their fondest imaginations. And gave us a very different version of its own DC relaunch, with new possible never-seen histories… here are a few of them.

The rest are in Batgirl #24. Still available at all good comic shops, one would hope.

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