New Harry Potter Film Isn't Quite What It Seems... Troll Fans Rejoice?

New Harry Potter Film Isn’t Quite What It Seems… Troll Fans Rejoice?

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It’s not quite copyright squatting, but there’s a bait and switch in this story that might just beat any stunt ever pulled by those mockbuster merchants at Asylum.

So… if you recall, there was once a story about a young boy called Harry Potter. He was but a a wee lad ripped from his mundane world and introduced to the realm of magic. Harry might have only been a kid, but he was charged with the duty of fending off an evil wizard and saving… well, presumably everyone.

Yeah? You remember it? The film Troll?

What? You were thinking of somebody else?

It’s often been suggested that John Carl Buechler, the director of Troll, has pointed a finger at JK Rowling and implied there was more than coincidence to the similarities between his film and her books. There’s the name Harry, for example. And the surnamer Potter, of course. And, yes, the evil wizard.

Open and shut case? Hardly. Check out this trailer for Troll and tell me how Rowling-y it looks to you:


Chris Columbus-y maybe, but Rowling-y? Nope.

A remake of Buechler’s Troll has been talked about for years. It’s now being talked about again, and this time it’s been given the amazing title of The Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter. Surely Warner Bros. will be tying writs to owls and opening the hatches at this very moment?

Why now? After quote a lot of stalling, Buechler seems to have had his confidence buoyed by Thomas Girardi, a man who has plenty of history in taking cases against the Hollywood studios and winning.

According to their spokesman, speaking to WENN:

While some of the films’ themes might seem familiar, Troll‘s owner decided not to sue J. K. Rowling or Warner Bros… because of a family tragedy at the time. They just put it on the back burner… and delayed matters until now.

There is no problem with doing a remake of Troll because you can remake your own stuff. Everybody knows it was our material. We made the movie years before Rowling came out with her book.

If the money’s there too, I’m thinking we really will be seeing a new Troll before long. How could they fail to find the paltry sum they’ll need for a project like this?

No director has been announced. I’m rooting for Sean McNamara.

Regarding that bit in the headline about Troll fans – now I think of it, I’m not sure that there any. It’s not like it’s… um… Troll 2 or anything.

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