Monday Runaround - Dates, Deadlines, Devils And Dead Stores

Monday Runaround – Dates, Deadlines, Devils And Dead Stores

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1963Watch: Steve Bissette shows a few teasers from L’il Nauts by Tim Stout and Jason Week from Tales Of The Uncanny, based on his work on the 1963 series.

DCWatch: Todd Allen looks at the provenance of the new DC 52 creators.

Poaching from Vertigo. You’ve heard Vertigo was shrinking.  That’s not to say DC Entertainment is telling all their Vertigo creators to go jump in a lake.  A significant number of them are doing some work for the DCU in the reboot (and Brian Wood hasn’t exactly refuted the rumors he was originally supposed to be doing Supergirl).  Some of these new assignments look Vertigo-tinged superhero titles.

PhillHallWatch: A relatively non-controversial My Monthly Curse from Phill Hall.

You really can’t take it with you. It was this one sentence that killed the collector in me. In 2000, I had a collection of 5 DVDs; in 2011 I have a DVD collection of about 35. 25% of these I have yet to watch. 50% of them are films I went to the cinema to see and the last quarter are classics, which might get shown again on TCM or whatever but might not hit terrestrial rotation until we’re long dead (when was the last time you saw a Marx Brothers film on terrestrial TV?). The 35 I have act as a sort of lending library as I’ve not actually watched one of them in over two years.

Gaiman/PalmerWatch: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are planning a show.

And we thought, well, we could do “An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer” (or vice versa) and stop off in smaller, nicer theatres, and just fill an evening with story-readings and with songs and with poem-readings and such. I hope that Amanda will do the songs, although I want her to read or help read a few things and she has asked if I would sing “The Problem With Saints”… We’ll probably answer questions together. Amanda thinks we should write a new song during the performance in each location. I think that would either be fun or insane (I waver).

Oct 31st – Halloween Night in Los Angeles, CA, Nov 3rd – BAY AREA, CA, 4th – Sacramento, CA, 7th – Portland, OR, 8th – Seattle, WA, 9th – Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Keep watching Neil’s blog for location and ticket sales…

StoreWatch: Comic Carnival in Indianapolis have closed two of their four stores, with a third closing soon.

DevilWatch: Devils Due is off.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

D23 Expo: The John Carter Presentation | Superhero Hype

The first scene showcased had John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) waking up on Mars and wandering, bewildered, up a hill. He finds a large rock that looks like it has a symbol on it. He clears off some of the dust and finds it filled with eggs, which start to hatch. Out pop what seem like hundreds of baby Thark aliens. In the distance, Carter sees Thark riders coming out to meet him, and doesn’t notice Willem Dafoe’s character (Tars Tarkas) coming up alongside him. Not sharing a common language, Carter instinctively jumps away, not realizing that Mars’ lesser gravity gives him seemingly super-powered abilities.

Disney D23 Expo – The Avengers Assemble! – YouTube
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