Saturday Trending Topics: Turning Wonder To Horror

Saturday Trending Topics: Turning Wonder To Horror

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I love the idea of Wonder Woman as a horror comic.  Actually, I love the idea of any superhero book as a horror comic, but with Wonder Woman it could provide such a contrast with the comic we know that it might be particularly interesting. Golden Age Wonder Woman title Sensation Comics turned into a horror title at the end of its run, which has little to do with anything aside from being tonite’s excuse to show a vintage comic pic in this post.

Most-Read Comic Story Today:

The New Wonder Woman Is Not A Superhero Comic, It’s A Horror Comic Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Let’s get that quote straight, from new Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello, to The Coventry Telegraph.

If Those Shattered Heroes Ads Keep Going Down The Same Line

It’s going to happen eventually.

The Perfect Rob Liefeld Cover For All The Rob Haterz

Finally, a Rob Liefeld cover that even the hardened yellow hat-wearing anti-Liefeld hater can enjoy.

Most-Read TV/Film Story Today:

Zack Snyder’s Zod Seems To Be A Motion Capture Creation

How distinctive is Michael Shannon‘s head shape? Would you know it anywhere? Would you know it from back over his shoulder?

Pixar Announce Two New Films At D23 – Dinosaurs And Other Grooviness

According to Little Bleeders risking their lives in the airless climes of Anaheim, Pixar have just announced two new films at the Disney D23 expo. That’s gotta be worth a Woooooo. Probably even two.

Dwayne Johnson Welcomes Bruce Willis To The Cast Of GI Joe: Retalliation

How do you suppose, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has welcomed Bruce Willis to the cast of Jon M. Chu‘s GI Joe: Retalliation? With a chest bump? Fist bump? Some other kind of bump?

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