Trailer, Casting And More Details Of Planes, The Not-Quite-From-Pixar Movie

Trailer, Casting And More Details Of Planes, The Not-Quite-From-Pixar Movie

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Despite being a spin-off of Pixar’s Cars films, you won’t see any Luxo branding anywhere on Planes when it emerges, direct to DVD, in the spring. Nonetheless, John Lasseter was still overflowing with enthusiasm for the film at D23 today.

There was once a trailer for the film online, but that seemed to disappear. Now, though, there’s a new one. Though it may be the old one – I just don’t remember well enough. They’re definitely very similar. Very.

But seeing as the casting of Jon Cryer in the lead role of Dusty has only been announced today, it’s possible that this new trailer is the first one to have his voice in it. The old one may have even had somebody else’s voice for all I can remember. That’d be interesting to find out…


Disney have also issued an official blurb for the film, so here’s that:

Dusty lives in the small town of Propwash Junction, and the single-prop agriculture plane could not be further from the lean, mean, trophy-winning machines he idolizes – and his co-workers remind him constantly. His mentor Skipper is convinced that Dusty has the engine to compete with the best, and helps encourage him to pursue his lifelong dreams. But if Dusty wants to make his dreams a reality, he?ll need to push himself further than he ever imagined. With the help and support of a crew of all-new and hilarious characters, Dusty wings his way into the biggest challenge of his life.

Rich seems to enjoy Cars more than any other Pixar film so I’m going to make him review this film for the site.

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