The Avengers Presentation From D23

Disney banned laptops and cellphones and the like from their Avengers unveiling at D23. Nonetheless, some information did leak out, and I’ve tried to piece it together.

Kevin Feige came out first, tried to warm up an already cooking-on-gas crowd. He says that there’s two weeks of filming left to do. I think there’s more – maybe the first unit wraps in two weeks.

The crowd were shown a clip, cut together specifically for the show. This implies that the edit may well change before the film is released. Of course.

In the clip, Loki is shown trapped in a cage on the helicarrier. It’s a cage built to hold The Hulk, and he’s told that if he’s too much trouble, they’ll just drop it out of the botttom of the helicarrier, 30,000 feet to the ground below. Maria Hill and Steve Rogers watch from the bridge on a monitor while Tony Stark and Nick Fury step up to Loki and have a little threatening banter with him.

The clip featured this exchange.

Loki says:

I have an army.

Tony Stark replies:

And we have a Hulk.

This sequence led into a lot of quick clips, the high point of which was apparently a shot of The Hulk, letting loose with a roar. Everybody seemed to get a character moment, with Tony Stark being smug, Nick Fury scheming and revelling in it, Hawkeye… er… firing an arrow.

Cobie Smulders, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner are all present. The rest of the team, they say, are quite literally filming at this very moment, over in Cleveland.

Downey asked for the footage to be played again, so it was. So… no new news, really, but some footage for the lucky few who could be there. It was said that the clips shown would never be released online.

Of course, if a few phones made it in to tweet and e-mail this information out to us, who’s to say if the footage will go unbootlegged? I imagine a lot of keen geeks will be hovering over YouTube for the next few hours.