Second Trailer For Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate – Yes Please

You'll probably recognise quite quickly that The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate was shot, and intended to be seen, in 3D. Indeed, even this trailer's edit is trying to work that extra dimension, with its pop-up and floating titles.


Check out the first teaser too, if you missed it.

Director Tsui Hark and star Jet Li committed an awful lot of consideration to how the 3D can best be employed, and I'd expect they've come up with some good stuff. Now that Sex and Zen 3D has paved the way for stereo-optic imports, it's surely not too much to hope that this film gets shipped, both eyes intact, to English speaking audiences?

When the Chinese release comes this December, audiences will have an IMAX option. This will be their first native picture to get released in large-format 3D, say The Hollywood Reporter. Shame that IMAX is a complete red herring.