Why Shaky Kane’s Monster Truck Reminds Me Of The Very Hungry Caterpillar…

Why Shaky Kane’s Monster Truck Reminds Me Of The Very Hungry Caterpillar…

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Monster Trucks is a new comic from Shaky Kane from Image in November. Although it’s not quite a comic. In that it’s just one panel extended over fifty-two pages. Which is where the Very Hungry Caterpillar thing comes from. While there are no holes in the pages to glimpse the oncoming, the edges of each page give you an inkling.

And while it’s not apples and pears on the menu, there is food… of a sort.

And instead of caterpillars, we have flies, grasshoppers and other flying insects to propel the narrative and keep us moving left to right, with the movement of the Monster Truck in question. It’s both a toy car going through a toy graveyard, but also a history, a snap shot of pop culture in a variety of esoteric forms.

Shaky’s signature style is somewhere between Jack Kirby and Moebius, showing Americana and Japanorama lined up in a nightmarish primary coloured line, displaying everyone from giant eyeballs bursting from the ground the Empire State Human to as the truck itself chaneges sizem shape and appearance on its journey.

There’s something truly surreal and hallucinatory about any long drive from town to town and Monster Trucks takes that vague feeling of watching repeating surrounds blend and merge slightly and turns it into a very strange reality. It’s a transformative experience for both the truck, it’s driver and the reader.

Which is also another thing it has in common with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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