Paul Auster Has Co-Written The Mr. Vertigo Screenplay With Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam made an appearance at the tail end of last week’s Big Screen, crowning the event with his good humour, admirable stubborness and well practiced backhand return of question after question about his reputed bad luck. Off stage, he was also subject to a grilling, and that video has since been posted online.

As you’ll hear, Gilliam herein reveals that his co-author on a screenplay adaptation of Paul Auster’s novel Mr. Vertigo has been Auster himself. The script, it seems, is finished.

You’ll also hear Gilliam tease other in-the-works projects, any or all or none of which could come before or instead of Mr. Vertigo; as well as a new hope – yes, another – for The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.


No, I don’t know that I did particularly want to see a Lone Ranger movie, Depp or no Depp.

And it was interesting to hear Gilliam call The Wholly Family his first one-reeler – not The Legend of Hallowdega, Storytime, The Miracle of Flight or The Crimson Permanent Assurance. Does he feel that he has opened a new chapter? Are more “one-reelers” to come?