Two UK Shows Remade In The States Get Trailers And Posters

Two UK Shows Remade In The States Get Trailers And Posters

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I don’t think I was really that fussed about Free Agents, a Channel 4 sitcom about the staff at a talent agency and the fall-out from two of them having a one night stand together. Maybe it’s because I just can’t click with Stephen Mangan.

So, there’s a chance, I suppose, that I could really go for the US remake. I certainly ended up preferring the US version of The Office.

Stephen Mangan and Sharon Horgan have been replaced with Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn, both of whom I think are tremendous. Carrying over is Anthony Stuart Head as their utterly foul mouthed boss who, had I never seen swear-master Malcom Tucker in The Thick of It might have seemed somewhat more amusing.

Here’s the first poster for the show, as well as an image that Google search turns up and which looks a touch too suggestive for a Network sitcom promo, the big prudes.

NBC have been running an “extended look” from the series on their site. Maybe they’re not that prudish after all…

Meanwhile, another UK show has made the leap to the longer series, bigger budgets and faster, more merciless cancellation practices of American TV and, in this case, it’s been a long time coming.

Here’s Maria Bello in the Helen Mirren role of tenacious detective inspector Jane Tennyson, except now she’s Jane Timoney. No idea why, but I’d love to hear the reasoning. Anyhow, here’s the key art for Prime Suspect.

It wasn’t a Western over here…

Here’s the trailer, showing how Peter Berg-y it all looks (with good reason, of course, because he directed the pilot). I’ll tell you something about Berg, his taste for lunging camerawork really sinks my battleship.

There are also a few scenes on the NBC website.

Note: the trailers have actually been around for ages, it’s just the posters that are new…

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