Is The Arrested Development Movie A) Going To Be A MetaText B) Happen At All?

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I really have started to suspect that there’s an agreement between members of the Arrested Development cast and crew that they’ll do everything they can to keep stories about the supposedly-proposed film-of-the-show flooding onto the internet. I think they think it’s funny.

The latest rumour goes so far as to provide a basic premise for the film’s alleged plot:

Ron Howard is making a movie about the Bluths using an A-List cast. But Dr. Tobias plays himself because nobody wants to play him in the movie. The Bluths decide to make their own movie in contention with Ron Howard’s.

So Jesse Eisenberg would be George Michael. That one’s easy to guess…

This premise was related to ScreenRant by “a source… who recently spent time with one of the show’s stars.” They also note that “this storyline will be [officially] announced within the next few weeks.”

At the end of the final TV episode there’s an epilogue in which Maeby pitches a Bluth-family show to Ron Howard and he suggests it might work as a film instead. It was obviously a joke, but was it also the germ from which a whole spin-off will grow?

I say probably not. I say somebody is pulling somebody’s chain. Guess we’ll know “within the next few weeks.”

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