When Dr Google Unmasked Spider-Man

When Dr Google Unmasked Spider-Man

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From Botgirl Questi;

There are a number of comic book writers who work or have worked under pseudonyms, including Oscar Jiminez, Frank Quitely, Jamie Delano, Howard Mackie, Gail Simone, Chuck Austen, Milx, Batt, Jimmy Broxton, Gerhard, Bryan Talbot and Stan Lee.

All may have fallen foul of the new Google Plus policy to ban and/or discourage the use of such monikers. My Name Is Me is a new group trying to change Google’s mind and celebrate the art of the pseudonym. And the Nym Wars began.

Comic book creator Molly Crapapple writes her My Name Is Me profile here;

Molly Crabapple is not my birth name. I chose to use a different name when, at 19, I began working as a naked model. Working in the sex industry is stigmatized, and using your legal name online puts you at risk for stalking and harassment. It may also be a risk to your family. By the time I had retired from modeling, Molly was the name I was called by almost everyone, on and off-line, and I’ve kept it ever since.

Rosemary Edghill is the pseudonym for a writer who has also ghost written for Virgin Comics’ Deepak Chopra, and she writes her My Name Is Me experience here.

The first time I changed my name was in 1988. I’d written three SF novels as eluki bes shahar, but when I switched to Regencies, my editor told me that name wouldn’t fly (he said all Regency novels were written by dead Englishwomen, which I thought was a little odd at the time, but hey: he went on to write Relic and a number of other bestsellers, so I guess he knew what he was talking about). So I became Rosemary Edghill for my Regencies and then for my fantasy novels.

There could be plenty more to come…


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