CM Punk Slams Grant Morrison, Praises Ed Brubaker

Posted by August 14, 2011 Comment

I’m not going to deny it, this is a weird one. Yesterday WWE wrestler CM Punk jumped out of the open air ring to take questions from his adoring fans. And to the fairly generic “what’s your favourite comic?” enquiry… went off on one.

“I’m a huge Batman fan. Unfortunately I can’t read a lot of the Batman comics that come out because they’re written by Grant Morrison and I’m not a huge Grant Morrison guy, I read comics based on who’s writing,  I know that’s not really a populist view but it’s the only thing I can tolerate right now, my favourite comic book writer… nobody asked but I’m going to tell you anyway… is Ed Brubaker.”

Come back to Batman, CM< Grant’s down to one title which is hardly ever published… maybe stay away from Superman for a litle while though.

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