The Woman In Black - Big Screen Footage Report

The Woman In Black – Big Screen Footage Report

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The attendees of Big Screen have just seen a world premiere clip, as they’re calling it, from The Woman In Black. It stars Daniel Radcliffe, of whom director James Watkins said “he’s grown up… he’s lost the glasses.”

If I were to recount the happenings of the scene literally, it would go like this: Dan wants to go through a door to a room inside an obviously haunted house, but it’s locked. He goes downstairs, gets a heavy thing, comes back up and the door is open. In the room? A ghost in a rocking chair, but a ghost who only shows up from certain camera angles.

That’s literally what happens – not really a fair way to present an atmos’ piece.

So, the tone of the sequence, was created from stalling the events, controlling the pace and layering on the knock-knock-knock-knock sound of the rocking chair. That and the lighting and music, which were fine but didn’t, in this clip, give us anything to write home about.

Maybe a bad choice of clip. Maybe a representative one. I guess we’ll find out early next year.

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