Mike Myers Has Signed On For Austin Powers 4 - UPDATED With Doubts

Mike Myers Has Signed On For Austin Powers 4 – UPDATED With Doubts

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I know what I like, and I normally know why I like it but with Mike Myers, I’m much less sure. I just… can’t put my finger on it. He just charms and disarms me.

So I’ve got two minds about some of his films, and in one I just enjoy his performance, or at least charisma, despite whatever it is I feel about the film in total.

HitFix have ascertained that Myers has now signed on to reprise his role as Austin Powers, though there’s no word yet on who will be writing or directing thius fourth installment. It’s not too much of a stretch that Myers will pick up the pen again, and Jay Roach will grab the microphone.

The first hurdle for the production to jump would be the considerable time since Myers was last on screen in a comedy role; the second would be that this last time was, in fact, in The Guru.

More soon, I’m sure, and I’d expect we’ll also get a pretty silly run of rumours about potential “Powers Girls” before long.

UPDATE: Deadline are saying that Myers was made an offer six months ago but has not formally replied in the meantime. This doesn’t render HitFix’s report a sham, but does raise some questions. Specifically – who was their source and what was their source’s motivation? Not Myers’ camp testing the water, was it? Or just hearsay amongst industry folk, someone getting something wrong? Or what?

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