Butchered Version Of Metropolis Headed To Blu-Ray, But It Has Its Fans – Apparently

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In 1984, a remastered, recut and some (me) might say butchered version of Fritz Lang‘s Metropolis was released. The film had been chopped up, brutally colourised and decked out in counterproductive modern rock and pop music by Giorgio Moroder, master-moustached songwriter and record producer.

It was a travesty.

But there’s great excitement at Aint It Cool, who are announcing a new Blu-ray release for the film. They say:

HOWEVER…  there is one particularly beloved release of METROPOLIS

Which is completely accurate, as far as it goes. And then they go and spoil it by finishing the sentence with:

that just lit my mind ablaze when it came out smack dab in the midst of MTV’s days of ruleage in the Eighties.

So hip-geekiness is sanctifying this action of cinematic poop-doodling.

I’m all for remixes and do-overs, remakes and reimaginings, recuts and new incarnations as long as they don’t supercede the original work. None of which changes the fact that Moroder’s Metropolis is utter rubbish.

Here’s Kino’s cover. Note the tagline at the bottom. Again, it’s factually accurate but hardly a selling point.

There’s a lovely Blu-ray of the near-to-complete-as-we’ve-got Metropolis available, from different distributors in different regions. Go for that. It’s really brilliant.

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