Big Screen Report – Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Footage Report

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Guy Ritchie is at Big Screen to unveil a “world exclusive” sizzle reel of footage from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. While we wait for Ritchie’s mic to be fixed, the crowd are being appeased with T-shirts.

Ritchie has just appeared and said they’re nearly done with the film but, as with every movie he’s ever done, there’s a week of reshooting because “no matter what anybody says” that’s useful. And he’s not wrong.

The footage begins with shots of Jared Harris playing Moriarty and a chess-board. His opponent is revealed to be Holmes, and they’re taunting one another. Does Holmes really want to play this game with Morirarty? Apparently so. Cocky bugger.

We’re introduced to Noomi Rapace as “a gypsy fortune teller” and the “lynchpin of the mystery”, as per Robert Downey Jr in the footage. Downey also claimed that this is the closest-to-Doyle portrayal of Holmes vs. Moriarty we’ve had to date. Really, Robert? That’s a surprise. Or maybe you’re having us on.

The film is going to feature a knife-fight on a train, and a gun fight on a train, disrupted by bombs going off. More bombs in a field. Bombs everywhere. Somebody’s getting quite bomb happy.

Elsewhere in the clip, Stephen Fry turned up dressed as Myrcroft Holmes but acting like Stephen Fry.

Another interesting point of note comes from Jude Law who said that the film pciks up “more or less” where the last one wrapped up. Again – that’s a surprise.

All in all, it looked like business as usual. There were speed-ramping Holmesvision scenes, grubby chic movie dress up costumes and a lot of mucking about. Don’t expect to see something radically new when Game of Shadows comes along at year’s end.

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