Star Wars On Blu-Ray: Panasonic Promo, Big Screen News And More

Posted by August 12, 2011 Comment

I’m at the very first presentation of Empire Big Screen, unveiling the Star Wars Blu-ray package. The room is decorated with Panasonic boxes and POS advertising that Star Wars is now “on Blu-ay with selected Panasonic award winning Blu-ray products.”

The man from Panasonic has just told us that “from now”, people who purchase Panasonic kit will get the first Star Wars trilogy, parts 4,5 and 6 as part of the package. Not early, though – if you buy between now and release, you’ll get your discs on release day.

But when is release day? The posters say September 12th but we’ve just been played a new and “exclusive” trailer that said September 16th. Why? Because it’s a US trailer. We still get it on the 12th.

Incidentally, that trailer was shown on a 103 inch screen and it looked good… despite being in the wrong aspect ratio, something like 14:9 rather than cinemascope.

More to follow…

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